Report Finds #RachelDolezal Misconduct On Spokane Police Ombudsman Commission

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Breaking: Report Finds #RachelDolezal Misconduct On Spokane Police Ombudsman Commission

Imagine giving this woman purview over to decide over the propriety of police action.

SPOKANE, Wash.— Amid a national controversy, an investigation finished on Wednesday found Rachel Dolezal acted inappropriately while serving as a volunteer on the Police Ombudsman Commission.

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The independent investigation looked into a whistle-blower complaint filed against three members of the City of Spokane’s Police Ombudsman Commission. The investigator found behavioral misconduct during interactions with City employees by three members of the commission including Dolezal.


The eight findings in the report admonish the conduct of chair Rachel Dolezal and commissioners Kevin Berkompas and Adrian Dominguez according to a press release issed Wednesday. More


“We are deeply disturbed by the facts contained in the report of findings from the independent investigator,” Spokane Mayor David Condon and Council President Ben Stuckart said in a joint statement. “The conduct is unacceptable and falls far short of the community’s expectations of volunteers who sit on City boards and commissions.”


The evidence and interviews conducted by the law firm Winston & Cashatt confirmed workplace harassment allegations, revealing a pattern of misconduct as well as specific incidents of harassment that might be viewed only as rude or unprofessional were it not for the ongoing pattern of harassment.


The report also states investigators uncovered additional abuses of authority, as well as violations of the Code of Ethics. The report states one or more of the Named Commissioners attempted to directly supervise the operation of the OPO, lied to investigators, failed to set aside biases toward police, engaged in unprofessional disrespectful conduct in public settings, and engaged in conduct that created a conflict of interest.

Here’s link to the full report.


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