The SHOCKING Thing That Just Happened to U.S. Marines at “Jade Helm” Training Site



Authorities in Mississippi are searching for two men after they allegedly opened fire on a military training facility. No injuries were reported.

The two men, described as being “white males” opened fire on the Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi from their truck.

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Camp Shelby is one of the sites where a multi-state military exercise, code named “Jade Helm 15” is taking place. There are approximately 4,600 soldiers taking part in the military exercise, which will finish up in mid-August.

Authorities have located a vehicle matching the description of the suspect’s truck, but have not located the two suspects. Two men are being questioned by authorities but have not been arrested at this time.

The two men had the words “broken arrow” written on their truck. Broken Arrow is military code for when a unit or a camp is overrun (H/T Talking Points Memo).

While details are still coming out, we suspect the shooters are two radical conspiracy theorists who couldn’t get over the fact that Jade Helm has not resulted in martial law.

As a matter of fact, Jade Helm has not resulted in anything bad occurring in any of the states where it is taking place. Walmarts haven’t been turned into FEMA death camps. The black helicopters aren’t taking anyone away. We’re all still free. And Chuck Norris just might be right that Jade Helm is designed to send a message to ISIS and our southern neighbors.

Imagine that, military exercises that aren’t vast government conspiracies meant to enslave us all! Hard to believe isn’t it?

No matter what you believe, it is completely and utterly wrong to open fire on a camp of law-abiding Marines. There is absolutely no justification for this act of terror, and those two men should spend the rest of their lives in jail.

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