Bristol Palin Blasts Planned Parenthood And ‘Minions’ Creators In Epic Post


Planned Parenthood has rightfully found themselves in hot water after two videos have emerged that strongly point to the controversial group as selling aborted baby parts. Instead of confessing to their horrific deeds they have attempted to spin it every which way besides the truth.

Bristol Palin, the daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, took to her blog on Friday to blast Planned Parenthood and also to ask Univeral Pictures one question. What has irked Palin is the use of the cute “minion” characters being used on the abortion provider’s Twitter page to silence critics after the damming videos emerged.

In her blog, Bristol Palin writes, “How ironic is it that Planned Parenthood is using a gif of a minion to attack their critics?”

The pro-life advocate did not stop there. Palin also went on to say, “Can you imagine the folks over at Planned Parenthood, wondering how on earth they can spin themselves out of this mess? I know! Let’s use cute minions to distract people from the fact that we got caught selling dead baby parts!”

Palin also added, “I think it’s much more fitting to call Planned Parenthood and its supporters the minions of the extreme Left because they follow the orders and talking points of those who value sexual freedom more than innocent life.” More

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