Britain’s Labour Party Suggests Having Tea With ISIS, Not Air Strikes

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One beheading, or two, with your tea?

A key ally of Britain’s Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has suggested a ridiculous, but very British, way of dealing with ISIS, according to The Telegraph: instead of dropping bombs on the Islamic terror group, try having tea with them.

The woman responsible for offering this friendly invitation is a sitting member on the party’s National Executive Committee, Christine Shawcroft. The Telegraph notes that Shawcroft is also a senior figure of the radical hard-Left Momentum activist group that has put its muscle behind Corbyn.

Shawcroft believes it’s time that British soldiers put away their weapons and “get the teabags out” to solve the Syrian crisis:

I think we should bear in mind that having cups of tea might actually be the best kind of system of defence and national security that you could have.

After other moderates of the Labour Party reacted negatively to Shawcroft’s suggestion, calling it “grotesque in its naivety,” she is claiming to have said it in a “jocular” manner. But it’s no joke to those moderates who are now urging party members to kick her off the NEC in the upcoming election. And even though Shawcroft attempted to soften her words, she added, “behind the joke there is a serious point.” That is, her belief that bombing raids have failed to bring about peace.

This idea, however, is part and parcel to the mission of the party’s hard-left wing led by Corbyn, who previously condemned Osama bin Laden’s assassination as a “tragedy” because he wasn’t given a trial in the courts, as The Telegraph notes.

Corbyn and Shawcroft are hoping they can find any way to increase Britain’s security that doesn’t involve the use of force. She said:

Bombing countries doesn’t seem to be improving our national security; we should be looking at other strategies to improve our national security and resolve conflicts.

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