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Broderick Takes On Bill & Hillary On Twitter… Reminds America That He Raped Her & Got Away Scott Free!

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Remember back in November when Hillary Clinton attempted to pander to the millennial, feminist generation by tweeting that EVERY woman who claimed she had been sexually assaulted should be “believed” and “supported”? It caused a bit of a mess for Mrs. Clinton because her husband is a well-known sexual deviant who has been accused of sexual assault or rape by no less than 10 women and who has had extramarital affairs with at least eight women (that we know of).



The Internet response crashed like a tsunami onto the Clinton campaign, and Mrs. Clinton was forced to weather the self-inflicted maelstrom for days after her comment and tweet went viral.

However, another storm is brewing, as one of Bill Clinton’s victims is once again raising her voice for justice. Juanita Broderick was raped half-a-lifetime ago by Bill Clinton, and in 37+ years since she has been forced to suffer indignity after indignity as the Clinton family continues to smear and slander her. From the looks of it, though, Broderick plans on making the upcoming election as hard as she can on Mrs. Clinton. More



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