Brussels Attacks: Nuclear Alert After Security Officer ‘Found Dead With His Pass Missing’

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John Kerry dispatching James Taylor to defuse the situation.

Via The Telegraph:

A security guard who worked at a Belgian nuclear facility was murdered two days after the Brussels bombings, but prosecutors have denied that the killing was related to terrorism.

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The prosecutor’s office in the city of Charleroi, south of Brussels, also denied a report in the newspaper Derniere Heure that his work pass was stolen, according to the Belga news agency.


The report raised concerns that the Brussels bombers had wanted to build a radioactive dirty bomb — but apparently shelved the plan after security was stepped up at Belgium’s nuclear plants following intelligence warnings.


The guard, Didier Prospero, was shot dead at his home in Froidchapelle.


A police spokeswoman said she could not comment on the case because the investigation was ongoing.


Prospero, who worked for the G4S security company, was found dead in his bathroom by his three children when they returned from school, Belga reported. He was shot four times. An earlier report had said he was shot while walking his dog.


He was the chief security officer at a nuclear research facility in Fleurus, near Charleroi. Other reports in the Belgian media said he worked at a nuclear power plant.


The murder is being handled as a criminal, not a terrorism case. More

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