Brutally Honest Video Exposes Ugly Truth About ‘Peaceful’ Muslims



There’s little question about the threat the world faces from fundamental Islam, but our politically correct culture won’t allow us to discuss it. However, a new video out exposes the ugly truth about “peaceful” Muslims across the globe, and it’s something that every single person on the planet needs to watch.

The short film was produced by the Clarion Project, which is a non-profit dedicated to exposing fundamental Islam and starting meaningful dialogue, and it’s probably the most terrifying 14 minutes of video you’ll see about Islam. The video is narrated by the president of Muslims Facing Tomorrow, Raheel Raza, and it explains the three circles of radicalization while breaking down just how many Muslims support the fundamental teachings of Islam.

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I’m not going to summarize what she says, because I wouldn’t be able to do her any justice, but I will say this – knowing what we know now, it’s up to each and every one of us to take a stand against Islam whenever we can. It’s not racist and it’s not Islamophobic – it’s about the survival of our culture as we know it.

The bottom line is that Islam has no place in modern Western societies, because its teachings are primitive and simply not compatible with our way of life, yet we’re forced to “tolerate” it because of political correctness. Well, enough is enough. If given the opportunity, they will use our own “tolerance” against us, then what? I don’t even want to begin to speculate, but I will say this much – it won’t be pretty.

[H/T: Allen West]

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