What Burger King Just Did For Muslims Should Have Us Boycotting!


With Burger King’s latest menu change,

if you think you can “have it your way,” you’re wrong.


Many American corporations have caved to whining Muslims’ demands, offering pro-Islamic products and catering to the group’s demands for special privilege. However, Burger King has taken their submission a step further, and it’s more than enough of a reason to drop the Whopper.

According to Le Parisien, Burger King is going “100 percent halal” after a major takeover of Quick, a Belgian halal food company. The fast food giant announced it will be replacing all pork products, including bacon, with halal certified chicken and beef.

While this change will only affect the French locations for now, demands from Muslims across the U.S. are pushing the chain to take the same measures here in America. If this is happening in a country with a Muslim population of only 8 percent, it’s only a matter of time before American locations adopt the same policies for our screeching minority.

In December, Quick gave Burger King the go-ahead to take over their 405 outlets in France, making the burger joint second only to McDonald’s in halal fast food. The halal market is estimated to be worth over $7.39 billion

Although BK could have reasonably offered halal choices, they completely bowed to the demanding minority, scrapping all pork for everyone. Just like in their Sharia-governed countries, if Muslims can’t have it, neither can anyone else. Perhaps they should change their slogan to “Have it Muhammad’s way.”

Not only should non-Muslims be understandably upset about their favorite menu items being removed, it is critical that we never consume the halal options. Buying halal meat not only supports the purposefully brutal slaughter of animals dedicated to a false god, it financially contributes to Islamic organizations that support terrorist groups.

Just like the liberal left, Burger King has been trying to serve two masters for some time. While they’re serving up halal meat to keep their Muslim customers happy, the sneaky fast food giant was hypocritically trying to please the LGBT community with their “Proud Whopper” just months ago. More

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