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BUSTED ➠ CAIR Leader Ahmad Saleem Arrested In Major Child Sex Trafficking Ring!

CAIR Leader Ahmad Saleem Arrested in Major Child Sex Trafficking Ring Bust, Sex with Children as Young as 10

The two-week joint sting, known as “Operation L and P,” netted 101 arrests in both Lake and Polk counties. The investigation concluded late last week. (Photo: Dave D’Marko, News 13)

The UK child sex trafficking gangs we have come to America.

CAIR leader Ahmad Saleem, a Muslim youth coordinator, was also one of the men arrested. Investigators said the men all went to a home in Clermont with the hopes of having sex with a child. The car Saleem traveled in had a license plate that said, “Invest in children,” according to investigators.

I am sure Ahmad Saleem believes he is following in Muhammad’s footsteps. Muhammad’s favorite wife Aisha was 6 when he married her.

cair florida leaders child sex ring

CAIR Florida representatives Ahmad Saleem (left) and  CAIR Florida Spokesman Ali Kurnaz  (right) back in March: The Council of American-Islamic Relations Florida filed a notice of claim stating its intention to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the FBI for killing  Boston bombing accomplice Ibragim Todashev.

“We must hold our civil servants to the highest standards,” says Kurnaz (here).

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 12.52.47 AM

Here’s what CAIR says about their pedophile leader who targeted  for rape children between ages 10 and 14 (they’ve taken the page down):

Ahmad Saleem is an active community organizer in Orlando, Florida. He is responsible for spreading CAIR Florida’s impact and presence in the Orlando community which includes serving and protecting the civil rights of the community as well as maintaining healthy relationships with other Muslim organizations, nonprofit organizations, government entities, and the media. He is the son of Pakistani immigrants. His father, a pediatrician, and his mother, a school teacher, instilled in Ahmad the joy of caring for others and serving them wholeheartedly with love and dedication. More

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