BUSTED ➠ Obama Advisor Flat-Out Lies On-Air Regarding McKinney Incident


CAUGHT: Obama Advisor Flat-Out Lies On-Air Regarding McKinney Incident

Again, before you send your hate mail, my position on the McKinney “incident” has been quite simple:

Well, not only did Connie Rice – a member of President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing – do just that, but she decided to proactively flat-out lie in a recent interview with the BBC.

The 2:10 mark in the interview is of pivotal importance… because she clearly lies. Anyone who has seen the video knows that she is lying.

These children weren’t doing anything that warranted this kind of response… they were cooperative, they were polite, they were totally intimidated.

That, my friends, is a lie. Elsewhere in the interview she makes some valid points. This officer seems to have handled the situation poorly and allowed himself to be swarmed. If it’s true that you are never, ever to unholster your weapon except when you have the intent to shoot someone, then he acted out of line.

But none of that changes her lie.

It’s also a dangerous lie, because it falsely emboldens hooligans like these to disrespect authority even more. Which could ultimately lead to something much worse than a gentle takedown on grass. Just how much of a lie is it? Let me count the ways according to JUST what we’ve seen on video:

1. How about perp number one (and possibly two) who was seen here pulling hair and punching on the street? Polite.

2. How about the “child” who directly resisted arrest – twice – and continually yelled at the officer?

3. How about the “child’s” friend who directly and aggressively approached the officer when repeatedly asked to stand back as the officer attempted to subdue the arrest-resistor?

4. How about the two “children” who circled around behind the officer, one throwing his hat down, pulling up their pants, preparing to storm the officer’s backside?

5. How about all of the other “children” who were repeatedly asked to leave or stay put, who instead decided to deliberately disrespect authority and cuss at an officer of the law?

Again, we don’t know what will come of the officer. He very well may find himself punished for his actions. If he deserves it, then he deserves it. What we do know is that these “children” were not cooperative, polite, or intimidated. More

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