Buzzfeed: White People Are A Plague On The Planet

Buzzfeed: White People Are A Plague On The Planet

Political correctness, diversity policies, and multiculturalism are forms that have started the second betrayal of black freedoms in America.

For over forty years we have had a misguided government intervention in the lives of black people by allowing Democrats to keep on them on the welfare plantation and undermining their independence.

Could you just imagine the outcry if you flipped this scenario around?

Daily Caller:

Buzzfeed published a listicle Monday containing insulting and racist messages towards white people.

The listicle, entitled, “19 School Powerpoint Presentations That Give Zero Fucks,” is a list of students giving presentations. Many of the presentations include insulting and hateful messages towards whites, such as, “White People Are a Plague to the Planet,” “How White People Plagued Society,” and “White People Are Crazy.”

An image featured on the list shows a young woman with the presentations, “White People Stay Colonizing,” while wearing a T-shirt that reads: “Make America Brown Again.” More

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