Cabin In The Woods Stolen Right Off Its Foundation… It’s Been Found!

The Cabin in the Woods Stolen Right Off Its Foundation... It’s Been Found!

That Cabin in the Woods Stolen Right Off Its Foundation? It’s Been Found

A cabin in woods stolen right off its foundation in Washington state has been found, sheriff’s officials said.

“I was sitting here at my desk and saw the shed go by thinking that somebody got their shed repo’d and found out later that it was stolen,” Linda Ritts told KREM-TV, adding that it was on a trailer.

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Calls about cabin sightings led Stevens County sheriffs to the 10-by-20-foot structure on a private lot about 10 miles away from where it once stood.

The cabin’s owners, Moose and Chris Hempel, discovered it missing earlier this week after visiting their vacation property about an north of Spokane.

The Hempels told KREM they were happy the cabin was located but added it was damaged and many of the items inside are gone.

“I’m glad they found it and I hope they catch the people that did it and they might think twice about going through Springdale again,” Ritts told the station.

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