Cadbury Drops The Word ‘Easter’ From Their Easter Candy

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PC claims another victim.

Via Irish Central:

Cadbury’s, Ireland’s leading chocolate manufacturer, is denying that the word “Easter” has been dropped from the packaging of their famous chocolate eggs this spring in an attempt to market their products in a more secular way.

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A spokesperson from Cadbury’s told the Irish Independent that “Easter” was not prominently displayed on the chocolate egg packaging because they felt that “Easter” was implied by the product itself, denying that it was down to political or religious correctness.


“Most of our Easter eggs don’t say Easter or egg on the front as we don’t feel the need to tell people this – it is very obvious through the packaging that it is an Easter egg,” said the spokesperson.


Not only is “Easter” nowhere to be seen on the front of the boxes this year, but “Cadbury’s Easter Egg Trail Pack” has been replaced with “Cadbury Egg Hunt Pack” and the chocolate manufacturer’s Creme Egg product – commonly known to disappear from the shelves after Easter – shows no references to Easter in warnings of the deadline by which to scoop them up. More

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