Can Facebook Really Be This STUPID? Trump Campaign Button Violates Rules Against This!


It’s a election year, so conservatives get prepared this is only the beginning of the crack down! I am currently serving a 30 day Facebook sentence, because it only takes a mob of people reporting a single post.


Early on New Year’s Day, an administrator of the Facebook page “Wake UP, America” said he was told by the social media giant that a photo of a 2012 Donald Trump campaign button violates their community standards for nudity, even though the picture contains no nudity whatsoever.

“So I get this message from Facebook when I logged in this morning and it says I’ve posted nudity on the page,” the administrator said.  “[I]t shows me a photo of Donald Trump’s campaign button (face shot) with no nudity whatsoever. Then I am told I must unpublish the page while it is removed and am asked to log back in. Apparently Facebook doesn’t like Trump real well. I wonder how badly they are harrassing his campaign? We would never think of posting nudity on the page!”

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Here’s the picture, and prepare yourself… More


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