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Canadian Premiers Resist Liberal PM’s Federally-Imposed Carbon Tax

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The revenue is needed to research the feasibility of harnessing unicorn flatulence and pixie dust to power Canada.

Via: Calgary Herald

Several premiers are pushing back against federal resolve to put a price on carbon emissions as they sit down with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday to discuss climate policy.


However, the dissent didn’t appear to dampen the mood, with all the participants agreeing the talks are necessary and more collective policy action is required.


“Listen, I don’t think anyone has done enough,” said Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil on the way into the scheduled five-hour meeting.


“But I think we need to recognize that there’s more than one way to deal with the carbon issue.”


NcNeil said that after spending heavily on hydro-electric transmission, Atlantic Canada has effectively built a carbon price into electricity rates that are the highest in Canada.


Yukon Premier Darrell Pasloski is also against imposing any additional costs on fossil fuel consumers in Canada’s North, as are his counterparts in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.


“Our position now is more aligned with Yukon and Nunavut in being against any carbon pricing scheme that would penalize northerners by raising our cost of living,” Shaun Best, a spokesman for Northwest Territories Premier Bob McLeod, said in an email from Yellowknife.


Brad Wall, the Saskatchewan premier who’s been leading a lonely charge against a federally imposed carbon tax, strolled into the meeting almost unmolested by the media horde camped in the halls of the Vancouver Convention Centre. More

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