Canadian Warns America ➠ Same-Sex Marriage Will Bring Less Freedom!

Canadian Warns America Same-Sex Marriage Will Bring Less Freedom

Canadian Warns America: Same-Sex Marriage Will Bring Less Freedom

In a must read op-ed for The Daily Signal, Canadian-born Dawn Stefanowicz tells how legalizing same-sex marriage has caused her country to lose fundamental freedoms and warns that America is next if it continues to follow suit.

“Statements like this are lies,” Stefanowicz writes. “‘Permitting same-sex couples (now also throuples) access to the designation of marriage will not deprive anyone of any rights.’”

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She tells of how same-sex marriage laws and hate/speech crimes have changed Canada:

When same-sex marriage passed in Canada in July 2005, parenting was immediately redefined, removing parentage from its biological origins. Canada’s gay marriage law, Bill C-38, included a provision to erase the term “natural parent” and replace it across the board with gender-neutral “legal parent” in federal law. Now, all children have “legal parents,” as defined by the state, which means parental rights have been usurped by the government.


Additionally, since the undefined term “sexual orientation” was added as a protected category under Canada’s hate crime law in 2004 and same-sex marriage became legalized in 2005, guaranteed fundamental freedoms of the Canadian Constitution have been reinterpreted, eroded and/or nullified by activist courts and quasi-courts with no real juries, also known as the Human Rights Commissions. The federal Human Rights Commission (HRC) has had a three-decade 100 percent conviction rate for hate speech.

Stefanowicz states that activists and special interest groups in Canada are busy censoring speech and internet communications which is restricting blogging freedoms and leading to penalties against citizens by the Human Rights Tribunals and Commissions.

“It takes only one complaint against a person to be brought before the tribunal, costing the defendant tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees,” she writes. “The Commissions have the power to enter private residences and remove all items pertinent to their investigations, checking for hate speech.”

Stefanowicz lists several other instances where foundational freedoms in business and faith practices has been affected. More

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