Candace Owens Accuses The Left Of ‘Wanting Their Slaves Back’ (Video)

Now here’s a woman who doesn’t mince her words!

“They created a system where black people are ideological slaves. We tested this theory very quickly. [Kanye] simply said seven words. ‘I like the way Candace Owens thinks.’ And this became a front news story across every single platform that you could possibly dream of. And that is only because he is not allowed to think differently as a black man.”

The Democrats have not been this mad since the Republicans freed the slaves!


Turning Point USA Urban Engagement Director Candace Owens said liberals want black people to remain as slaves, Tuesday on “Fox & Friends.”

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Owens was thrust into the limelight Saturday after rapper Kanye West commended her on Twitter and said he likes the way she thinks.

West came under fire for defending the black conservative and Owens thinks it has to do with the desire to keep African Americans down.

“I have learned that the left would like their slaves back,” Owens said on “Fox & Friends.”

Currently, the Democrat party has about 95% of the black vote but if they lose just 10% of that, they can no longer win national elections and that’s the reality that terrifies them most.

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