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Caption This Pic Of Obama Giving Crazy Old Uncle Joe The Stink Eye

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Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Caption This Pic Of Obama Giving Crazy Uncle Joe The Stinkeye…

Via Breitbart:

In 2010, President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden visited the famous Gingerbread House Bakery in Kokomo, Indiana – but one photo from that campaign trail visit has not previously been released by the White House.


A new collage of photos released by White House photographer Pete Souza features Obama reacting to Biden’s ultra-friendly interactions with a female customer in the bakery and the results are priceless.


Biden, of course, has a history of getting “handsy” with women, more recently with the wife of Defense Secretary Ashton Carter.


After the incident, comedian Jon Stewart and the Daily Show crew mocked the Vice President’s “Audacity of Grope.”

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