Carly Fiorina Only Candidate Left Off Stage For New Hampshire Debate

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I’m a little split on this. Yes, the networks and RNC set rules, but at this point, with people dropping out, she’s the only one who would be left off the stage, she did better in Iowa then some of the guys and she provides some great hits on Hillary.

Via: Weekly Standard:

Carly Fiorina’s presidential campaign is requesting people sign a petition to include her in the next Republican debate.

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An email to supporters links to a petition that reads:


Thursday the Republican National Committee and ABC News will decide which candidates make the next debate – the last before the critical New Hampshire primary.


Earlier this week Carly beat Gov. Kasich and Gov. Christie, Gov. Huckabee and Sen. Santorum in Iowa, she has the same number of delegates as Jeb Bush and leads Ben Carson in NH.


Despite this the RNC and ABC are looking to exclude Carly in the debate.


Carly would be the only candidate they don’t include.


Please send a message to the Republican Party and ABC News that voters should get to make the choice.


Sign our petition today to demand ABC News include Carly in this Saturday’s debate.


There will be no undercard debate prior to the main event, so the regular event is Fiorina’s only opportunity to appear.

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