Carson: Syrian Refugees Could Bring Terrorists (Video)


Speaking on Fox News Wednesday morning, presidential candidate Ben Carson continued the heat on Islam by saying that taking in Syrian refugees could result in letting terrorists into the country.

“The jihadists want to infiltrate our nation. We have to exercise something that even resembles common sense. That would be foolishness to take in people from a region where we don’t have any way in making a determination if this person is radicalized already or potentially radicalized.”

Carson’s statement comes in response to the White House plans to accept at least 10,000 refugees in from Syria by 2016. Carson also believed that the neighboring Islamic countries should bear primary responsibility with helping the refugees. 

“I do feel for those individuals and I think we should be helping. But the way we should help is with our expertise, perhaps with some financial help to settle them in the nations where they’re coming from.”

Bringing the focus back home, Carson felt the U.S. needs to focus more on the people here and less on the people half-way around the world in cultures vastly different from ours:

“We need to be dealing with that before we start bringing in a bunch of other people,” he said. “Why don’t we ever think about putting Americans first?”

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