17 Aug 2016

Kaine: Iraq & Afghanistan Better Than U.S. At Electing Women

  Seriously? Surely women in the US don’t have it worse than those in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Rwanda… Washington Examiner: Vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., said Tuesday that the United States has made it difficult for women to be elected to higher office, and argued that America ranks

15 Mar 2016

Jihadi Work Accident: A Dozen ISIS Militants Blow Themselves Up With An IED

Boom, boom out went their lights. Via Stars and Stripes: At least a dozen Islamic State militants accidentally blew themselves up in eastern Afghanistan Sunday during a botched operation to plant a bomb, a local official said. “They were attempting to move an IED (improvised explosive device) to a crowded

13 Jul 2015

25 Killed In Bombing Outside U.S. Base In Afghanistan

  Via NY Times: A suicide car bomber killed at least 25 people and wounded 15 on Sunday outside a United States base in Afghanistan’s southeastern province of Khost, the site of a suicide attack in 2009 that left seven C.I.A. operatives dead.   Provincial security officials in Khost said

06 Jul 2015

Muslims Throw Acid In Afghan Girls’ Faces For “Going to School”

  Three Afghan girls were in critical condition after Muslim men tossed acid in their faces on the way to school. CNN reported, via Religion of Peace: Attackers on a motorbike threw acid in the faces of three teenage girls on their way to school in Afghanistan’s western Herat province

02 Jun 2015

Nine Aid Workers In Afghanistan Shot Dead In Their Beds

Nine Aid Workers in Afghanistan Shot Dead in Their Beds Nine aid workers were shot dead in northern Afghanistan recently. The aid workers were reportedly shot dead in their beds. The identity of the attackers is unknown. The BBC reported, via Religion of Peace: Nine Afghan employees of a Czech

31 May 2015

Afghan Soldiers Abandon Counterinsurgency Patrols Taught By Coalition Forces

Afghan Soldiers Abandon Counterinsurgency Patrols Taught By Coalition Forces… Look good and can’t fight. Via Stars and Stripes Addressing more than 60 soldiers at the largest military base in volatile Helmand province, an Afghan commander preached classic counterinsurgency doctrine: patrol through a nearby village to constrict Taliban movements, assure citizens’

12 Apr 2015

Suicide Car Bomber Targets US Troops, Kills 3 Afghans

  Suicide car bomber targets US troops, kills 3 Afghans KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — An Afghan official says a suicide car bomber has targeted a convoy of U.S. troops in the country’s east, killing three Afghan civilians and wounding four. The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack. The provincial

08 Apr 2015

Afghan Soldier Opens Fire On Americans

Afghan Soldier Opens Fire on Americans: Reports KABUL, Afghanistan (TheBlaze/AP) — An Afghan official says an Afghan soldier opened fire on U.S. troops, wounding three before he was shot dead. Gen. Fazel Ahmad Sherzad, police chief for eastern Nangarhar province, says the incident happened after a meeting between Afghan provincial leaders

18 Mar 2015

Another Obama Success Story ➠ ISIS Gains Ground & Influence In Afghanistan

Another Obama Success Story… ISIS Gains Ground & Influence in Afghanistan Cloaked Women for ISIS Isis has secured foothold in Afghanistan, says UN envoy. (Independent) Another Obama success story… The ISIS terrorist group is gaining ground and influence in Afghanistan, replacing the Taliban. Sputnik News reported: As the self-proclaimed Islamic