Los Angeles Mayor Threatens “Non-Essential” Businesses He'll Shut Off Water, Power If They Do Not Obey The City’s “Stay At Home” Order
25 Mar 2020

Los Angeles Mayor Threatens “Non-Essential” Businesses He’ll Shut Off Water, Power If They Do Not Obey The City’s “Stay At Home” Order

Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti announces water and power will be shut off for all nonessential L.A. businesses that don’t close. Breitbart: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti threatened “non-essential” businesses Tuesday that if they do not obey the city’s “stay at home” order to close during the pandemic crises, he will

14 Dec 2016

San Francisco To Spend Millions Of Tax Dollars On Lawyers For Illegal Immigrants

If they are here illegally they shouldn’t have any rights. Why should the tax dollars go to benefit people who shouldn’t be here to begin with?     Fox News Insider: Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com It appears San Francisco is making another move to avoid complying with federal

11 Dec 2016

‘Silicon Valley’ Star Arrested For Assaulting Trump Supporting Cab Driver

The star of Silicon Valley attacked this cab driver for being a Trump supporter. What happened to Liberals being accepting of everyone? Oh, that is only for the LGBT community, not Republicans.     Hollywood Reporter: The comedian was taken into custody by LAPD early Friday morning and released without

11 Dec 2016

Teachers Union Threatens To Sue Student For Recording Professor’s Anti-Trump Rant

The only reason this teachers union is threatening to sue this student is the fact that he is a conservative and outed this teacher’s biased view. Daily Wire: [embedded content] A teachers union is threatening “legal action” against a student for filming and posting a rant by an instructor in which

17 Nov 2016

UCLA Professors Freaking Out Over Trump Win

  These professors are only adding to the fear mongering going on. Now they are setting up a meeting to discuss “trumpism”   Daily Caller: Two political science professors at the University of California – Los Angeles have spent the last two days distraught over Donald Trump’s election in political

11 Nov 2016

Student Attacked At School After Posting Support For Trump

And these are the same people shouting “Loves Trumps Hate” and are violently protesting his win. This student didn’t deserve to be attacked for showing her support.     Daily Mail: A high school student was attacked by a classmate in the school yard after sharing her support of Donald

31 Oct 2016

UC Irvine Students Demand “Rally For America” Be Canceled

Did these students forget that there is this thing called freedom of speech? Don’t the other students have the right to express themselves too?   The College Fix: UC Irvine students furious over an upcoming “Rally for America” event to be hosted by Milo Yiannopoulos and the UCI College Republicans

29 Oct 2016

5 Time Deported Illegal Alien Sparks $61M Fire In Sequoia National Forest

Sanctuary cities need to go away. The Government can’t keep the illegal criminals safe from being deported. This guys should have been locked upped for good.   The Washington Times: Angel Gilberto Garcia-Avalos had been deported five times in just the past four years, yet each time he has managed

07 Sep 2016

Public California University Is Now Offering Black-Only Housing

This California University is starting a new era of segregation. Didn’t black people fight to have the right to be included and now they want to go back to segregation?   Daily Caller: California State University Los Angeles has debuted segregated housing available to students who “identify as Black/African American.”

03 Sep 2016

Two CO’s Injured In Shooting At Fresno County Jail, Suspect In Custody

  They have not released a motive for the shooting yet but the gun grabbers will be all over this before they even release the whole story.   FRESNO CBS:   Authorities say two unarmed officers were seriously injured after being shot by a visitor in the lobby of the

29 Jul 2016

1 Cop Killed, Another Injured In San Diego Shooting

When will the violence come to an end? Another day, another shooting. It seems like the whole world is becoming more and more violent and filled with hate.   ABC News: A police officer and father of two is dead, and another cop is injured after they were shot in