27 Aug 2016

Two Nuns Stabbed To Death In Their Mississippi Home

What a tragic loss for the small Mississippi town. These nuns will be greatly missed and hopefully the killer will be brought to justice.   NY Post: [embedded content]   Two beloved nuns who spent decades helping the poor in rural Mississippi were found stabbed to death in their home

12 Apr 2016

Bryan Adams Cancels Mississippi Concert Over Transgender Bathroom Law

But plays in Egypt where gays are arrested for existing.

10 May 2015

Open Season ➠ Two Police Officers Shot Dead

Open Season: Two Police Officers Shot Dead Two more officers shot dead in Mississippi What will the far left have to say this time?     One officer’s last words: “Am I dying? I know I’m dying. Just hand me my walkie-talkie.” From USA Today: HATTIESBURG, Miss. — Two police

21 Mar 2015

Call Off the Race Hustlers ➠ Mississippi Man Was Not Lynched ➠ It Was Likely Suicide

Call Off the Race Hustlers… Mississippi Man Was Not Lynched – It Was Likely Suicide Earlier this week Claiborne County Sheriff, from Mississippi reported a black male was found hanging from a tree with bed sheets wrapped around his neck. Atlanta author, opinion writer and left-wing activist Goldie Taylor immediately