26 Dec 2016

Reports Of Shots Fired At Mall In New Jersey

The report was of shots fired but police discovered it was a large fight that had started. Someone screamed gun and chaos followed. ABC: Chaos and panic erupted in a mall in New Jersey Monday after a large fight broke out. It happened at the The Mills at Jersey Gardens

19 Sep 2016

FBI Detains 5 For Possible Ties To Chelsea Bombing, Pipe Bomb Cache Found In New Jersey

FBI has 5 people detained, but how many more people were involved with the multiple pipe bombs in several different cities?   NY Daily News: The FBI took five people with possible links to the Chelsea explosion into custody Sunday night in Brooklyn as authorities shut down a busy New

17 Sep 2016

Device Explodes Along Military 5K Route, 2nd Device Found

  Luckily no one was in the area when the device went off and the second device was found before it detonated. They are still searching for more devices.     SEASIDE PARK: An explosive device went off in a garbage pail Saturday morning along the route of a 5K