02 Dec 2016

Liberal Tells Megyn Kelly That Cop Who Shot OSU Attacker Rushed To Judgment

This liberal is crazy… The cop should have shot to injure the attacker so that they could question him and possibly injure or kill more people?   The Blaze: Fox News host Megyn Kelly had TheBlaze’s Dana Loesch and political analyst Nomiki Konst on her show Tuesday for a heated

28 Nov 2016

OSU Terror Suspect Identified As Abdul Artan From Somalia

  Authorities are now looking into a link to terrorism after they found Facebook rants from the suspect. This is an update to these two stories. The Gateway Pundit: At least 8 people were injured in an incident at Ohio State University. An Ohio State spokesman says the suspect rammed a

19 Nov 2016

Man Charged For Tweeting His ‘Life Goal’ Is To Assassinate Trump

This Ohio man should be charged for making threats. Free speech has its limitations and all threats need to be taken seriously.   New York Post: An Ohio man who posted online that his “life goal” was to assassinate President-elect Donald Trump just hours after Election Day is now facing

10 Sep 2016

Cincinnati Black Lives Matter Trying To Get Police Presence Out Of Schools

  This shows again how Black Lives Matter care nothing about helping people but just making noise and trying to get attention.   Fox 19: Black Lives Matter of Cincinnati will be part of the “CPD out of CPS Campaign” this weekend to scrap all police from all Cincinnati Public

27 Jul 2016

Cleveland Veteran Shot For Being A Trump Supporter

Well that escalated quickly. This veteran didn’t deserve to be shot. People need to grow up and learn how to deal with other opinions without being hateful and cruel. News Net 5: CLEVELAND – A discussion over the upcoming presidential election ended with a Cleveland man in the hospital, shot

22 Jul 2016

Cop Served Sandwich With Shards Of Glass Inside

What a horrific experience for this cop. Why in the world would someone do such an awful thing to someone else? The hate has to stop.   Mad World News: An Ohio police officer recently grabbed a bite to eat, not suspecting what the mundane event would bring about. After

Judge Jeanine: Security On High Alert For RNC
18 Jul 2016

Judge Jeanine: Security On High Alert For RNC

  Security should be on high alert with all the attacks on police and innocent people happening in the US and around the world. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Fox News Insider: With the Republican National Convention set to get underway on Monday, a massive security operation is underway

27 Jun 2016

Meeting With Cleveland Cavaliers Added To Obama’s To-Do List

  Because meeting with the Cleveland Cavaliers and other other sports teams are way more important than the state of our country… NY Times: WASHINGTON —Nearly a year sometimes passes between a team winning a championship and its celebratory visit to the White House, but LeBron James and his fellow

27 May 2016

Doctor Who Invented The Heimlich Maneuver Saves Woman

Way to go Dr. Heimlich! It is crazy that this is the first time he has ever used his own maneuver in saving someone from choking. Fox News Insider: An 87-year-old woman choking on a piece of hamburger was saved by her neighbor, Dr. Henry Heimlich. Yes, the Henry Heimlich. The 96-year-old