24 Nov 2015

Planned Parenthood Sues Texas Over Threat To Cut Medicaid Funding

Lawsuit likely to go nowhere. Via Reuters: Planned Parenthood, other women’s health providers and a group of women in need of reproductive healthcare sued Texas on Monday, seeking to halt its threatened cut in Medicaid funding, a move they said was more about politics than healthcare.   The suit filed

10 Oct 2015

Police Officer Escapes Attempted Ambush, ‘Shoots One Suspect In The Buttocks’

  Good thing this cop had great instincts. He was wearing his uniform, so even though he was in his private vehicle, he was identifiable as a cop. HOUSTON – A group of suspects targeted the wrong person to ambush after one of them was shot by a Houston police

20 Sep 2015

37 Illegal Aliens Discovered Crammed Inside Sweltering 18-Wheeler!

‘Undocumented’ almost became un-alive. MOORE, TEXAS – Authorities found 37 undocumented immigrants locked inside a sweltering 18-wheeler parked at a truck stop south of San Antonio.   The San Antonio Express News reported that the Frio County Sheriff’s Office found the truck Friday afternoon after responding to a call about

19 Sep 2015

Alleged Disabled Texas Veteran Vandalizes Own Truck With Anti-Police Messages

  Time for him to show his DD 214 to prove his veteran status. Via NY Daily News: A Texas man who received $6,000 from sympathizers after he claimed miscreants vandalized his truck with anti-police messages has been arrested after authorities say he scrawled the graffiti himself.   Scott Lattin

08 Aug 2015

Planned Parenthood Is Getting Served Up A Helping Of Texas Justice After The State’s Big Move

The State of Texas has initiated a criminal investigation into a Houston Planned Parenthood facility following the release of an undercover video earlier this week. The video features Melissa Farrell, director of research for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast in Houston, who tells people she believes to be fetal tissue buyers:

05 Aug 2015

Texans Stunned By Who Shows Up For Jury Duty

It was business as usual at the George L Allen Sr. Courts Building in Dallas, Texas, Wednesday morning — with one major caveat. Former President George W. Bush astonished jurors when he arrived for jury duty at Judge Eric Moye’s court at about 9:00 a.m. “They made it seem like

29 Jul 2015

Texas Just Made a BOLD Move Against Illegal Immigrants!

Since 1868, the United States has recognized babies born within the borders as U.S. citizens, no matter the birthplace or status of the baby’s parents. It’s a practice that has encouraged countless pregnant illegal aliens to sneak across the border in order to give their babies instant citizenship. But over

28 Jul 2015

Watch Tiny Texas Town Stand Up To Atheist Bullies & Fights Back!

A tiny Texas town situated in the north-eastern part of the state has just over 1300 residents, but those folks in Hawkins have enough heart and fight in them to fill up the city of Dallas. Recently, they’ve come under attack by Wisconsin based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), who

21 Jul 2015

Texans Threaten To Throw Pigs’ Blood On Land To Stop Plans For Muslim Cemetery

A showdown in Texas is brewing over a proposed Muslim cemetery. Located just 25 miles from where two Muslim extremists were killed while trying to attack a “Draw Muhammad” free speech event, residents in a Texas community want no part of  the project. And some are threatening to place pigs’ heads on posts

18 Jul 2015

BOOM ➠ Judge Makes Feds’ Lives MISERABLE For Ignoring His Ruling On Obama’s Amnesty

    For federal immigration authorities, the “rubber just met the road” when it comes to enforcing a new immigration law deadline. Federal Judge Andrew S. Hanen of Texas issued a court order on Wednesday forcing federal immigration authorities to collect three-year amnesty approvals issued to illegal immigrants by the Obama