06 Jul 2015

‘DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS’ ➠ The Lone Star State Wants Its Gold Back!

    Texas wants its gold back. The Lone Star State is alone among the states in keeping a sizable about of money in gold deposits — not futures or other investment postitions, but real gold bullion, about $650 million worth, according to The Associated Press. And it doesn’t want

05 Jul 2015

Four-Time Deported Illegal Alien Murders Wife With Hammer In Texas

  Sshhh! We’re not supposed to mention this! Via Breitbart: Breitbart Texas has exclusively confirmed that a man who confessed to murdering his wife with a hammer in Laredo, Texas is a four-time deported illegal immigrant who would not have been in the U.S. had he not been able to

02 Jul 2015

Texas Gun Owner Attacked By Illegal Immigrant Known To Be Violent — Care To Guess How That Turned Out?

A Texas man was allegedly attacked last month by an illegal immigrant “known by local law enforcement to be violent.” Unfortunately for the suspect, the man was a gun owner and was able to defend himself, police said. The alleged assault took place outside of a storage unit business in

30 Jun 2015

Road Raging Muslim Forgets He’s In Texas, Gets Dose Of Southern Hospitality, CAIR Screams Hate Crime

A road raging Muslim recently got a taste of Texas hospitality after spouting off at another driver. The incident took place in Houston, Texas, where two drivers reportedly became entangled in a verbal altercation over who had the right of way. For reasons still under investigation, 42-year-old Ziad Abu Naim –

23 Jun 2015

Police Should Have ‘Tried Harder Not To’ Kill My Son Even Though He Shot At Their HQ And Planted Bombs

James Boulware decided to open fire at the police headquarters in Dallas, Texas on June 13. He was eventually shot and killed by a SWAT sniper after a 12-hour standoff. His mother, Jeannine Hammond, says the police “handled the situation very badly.” She also wondered why police didn’t seek medical

17 Jun 2015

Arrest In Garland ➠ TX Islamist Terror Attack Indicates Active ISIS Terror Cell On U.S. Soil

Arrest in Garland, TX Islamist Terror Attack Indicates Active ISIS Terror Cell on U.S. Soil The FBI reportedly sought up to two dozen men for questioning in the days after the May 3rd Islamist terror attack on a ‘Draw Muhammad’ free speech event in Garland, Texas , including one man

16 Jun 2015

Texas Makes Ballsy Move Against The Fed ➠ “We Want Our Gold Back NOW!”

Texas Makes Ballsy Move Against The Fed, “We Want Our Gold Back NOW!” In a move that is nothing short of ballsy, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill on Friday that is already stirring up some heated discussion in D.C. and the financial world. It seems that the Lone

13 Jun 2015

Whoa! Watch CNN Says Dallas Gunman Was “COURAGEOUS And BRAVE” To OPEN FIRE On Police Headquarters

Whoa! CNN Says Dallas Gunman was “COURAGEOUS and BRAVE” to OPEN FIRE on Police Headquarters (VIDEO) Gunmen in an armored vehicle attacked the Dallas police headquarters early Saturday morning. The van is seen here fleeing the scene– The entire shooting was caught on tape… James Boulware was later shot in

11 Jun 2015

Two Little Girls Tried To Raise Money For A Father’s Day Present ➠ Then The Cops Showed Up

Two Little Girls Tried To Raise Money For A Father’s Day Present. Then The Cops Showed Up… On a hot day, nothing is more refreshing than an ice cold glass of lemonade. So it made sense to 7 and 8-year-old Andria and Zoey Green of Tyler, Texas, to start a

11 Jun 2015

HS Principal Loses Job Just For Posting Comment That #McKinney Officer Was Right

HS Principal Loses Job Just For Posting Comment That #McKinney Officer Was Right This infuriates me more than I can say. Via NBC Miami: The principal of North Miami Senior High School has lost his job over his Facebook comment defending the Texas police officer caught on video pushing a