07 Jun 2015

Australian Muslims ‘Traumatized’ Over Government Plans Of Stripping Dual Citizenship From Jihadis

Muslims In Australia ‘Traumatised’ Over Government Plans Of Stripping Dual Citizenship from Jihadis You would think, if they were really “moderates,” that they would be thrilled by this effort to stop the “extremists.” Instead, they’re whining about the Muslim community being “under siege.” No. It’s the non-Muslim community that is

25 May 2015

Muslim Mom Abandons Children For Islamic State

Australia: Muslim Mom Abandons Children for Islamic State Because above all else,  self, family, nation, man-made law — first Allah for the true, authentic believer. “Sydney mother who abandoned her two children to join the death cult in Syria,” By Ben McClellan, The Daily Telegraph, May 26, 2015 Mum ‘abandons’

09 May 2015

Australian Anti-Terror Police Arrest Teen ➠ Disrupt Melbourne Bomb Plot ➠ Video

Mother’s Day bomb plot foiled: Anti-terror police arrest doctor’s teenage son in Melbourne and boy, 14, in Sydney after dramatic raids – and bomb squad officers detonate three ‘improvised explosive devices’ Australian police arrest teen, disrupt bomb plot CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Police arrested a 17-year-old and accused him of

19 Apr 2015

ISIS Inspired Attack Targeting Veterans’ Parade And Police Thwarted With 5 Arrests

ISIS Inspired Attack Targeting Veterans’ Parade and Police Thwarted with 5 Arrests in Australia Authorities say the plot to attack Australia’s ANZAC day parade on April 25 was “at an advanced stage of planning”. ABC – ANZAC Day Parade Five Australian teenagers were arrested Saturday on suspicion of plotting an

04 Apr 2015

VIOLENT CLASHES At Reclaim Australia Anti-Islamist Protests ➠ Video

VIOLENT CLASHES at Reclaim Australia Anti-Islamist Protests (VIDEO) There were violent clashes at the Reclaim Australian anti-Islamist protests in Australia on Saturday. Angry leftists clashed with the protesters in Melbourne and Brisbane. The Sydney protest was held near the cafe where an angry Islamist held several customers hostage for several

12 Mar 2015

Australian Teenage Muslim Convert Carries Out Suicide Bombing For ISIS

SUSPECTED teenage suicide bomber Jake Billardi prepared a series of improvised explosive devices and had planned bomb and knife attacks on Melbourne as a fallback to travelling to Syria and fighting for the Islamic State.In an extraordinary blog attributed to the 18-year-old school dropout from Melbourne, Billardi talks openly about