15 Apr 2015

Canadian Warns America ➠ Same-Sex Marriage Will Bring Less Freedom!

Canadian Warns America: Same-Sex Marriage Will Bring Less Freedom In a must read op-ed for The Daily Signal, Canadian-born Dawn Stefanowicz tells how legalizing same-sex marriage has caused her country to lose fundamental freedoms and warns that America is next if it continues to follow suit. “Statements like this are lies,”

07 Apr 2015

Chainsaw-Wielding Man Threatens Family In Scary Road Rage Incident

Chainsaw-Wielding Man Threatens Family in Scary Road Rage Incident A disturbing case of road rage was caught on camera in Montreal, Canada, as a man with a chainsaw terrorized a family in their car. Karine Cyr, who was traveling with her husband and two children, said the driver cut them

31 Mar 2015

Boy Given ‘Captain Cry-Baby’ Award ➠ The Mom’s Reaction ➠ Not What You’d Expect Nowadays…

Boy Given ‘Captain Cry-baby’ Award. The Mom’s Reaction? Not What You’d Expect Nowadays. A certificate declaring an 8-year-old boy participating in a youth sports program in Winnipeg, Canada, to be “Captain Cry-baby” was meant to be a joke. At least, that’s what Ken Opaleke, director of the West Broadway Youth