27 Jun 2016

Justice Department Requiring Implicit Bias Training For Officers

It doesn’t matter how much implicit bias training you make them go through there will always be biases because we are imperfect humans.   Washington Examiner: The Justice Department announced Monday its agents and attorneys will undergo training aimed at recognizing and reducing “implicit bias.” The department-wide training is in

21 Mar 2015

Judge Blasts DOJ Over Immigration Claims ➠ ‘Like An Idiot I Believed That’ ➠ Threatens Sanctions

Judge Blasts DOJ, Threatens Sanctions Them For Lying About Holding Off On Immigration Actions: “Like An Idiot, I Believed You”   Actually, this judge is one of the few shining lights who has stood against their unconstitutional actions, yet they keep trying to get over on him, and went ahead

12 Mar 2015

Justice Department Protected Convicted Child Rapists

The Department of Justice (DOJ) protected 58 sex offenders, including convicted child rapists, in its witness protection program, according to an audit by the agency’s Office of Inspector General (OIG). Until 2012, the U.S. Marshals Service, which administers the Federal Witness Security (WITSEC) Program, had no idea how many sex

11 Mar 2015

Confirmed ➠ Eric Holder Also Had Secret Personal Email Addresses ➠ DOJ Says No Big Deal!

Secret emails aren’t just a thing that Hillary Clinton uses: Attorney General Eric Holder has a few too, but according to the DOJ, they’re mostly for filtering out spam. The Huffington Post reports that Holder has gone through three email accounts during his tenure as Attorney General, often using aliases