14 Dec 2016

Bill Gates States Trump Has The Opportunity To Be Like JFK

Bill Gates is on to something… Hopefully Trump can reel in some more supporters with his innovations and rebuilding of the economy. CNBC: President-elect Donald Trump has an opportunity to establish “American leadership through innovation,” Bill Gates told CNBC on Tuesday. “A lot of his message has been about …

08 Dec 2016

Democratic Group Launches Anti-Trump Watchdog Program

  This Democratic group wants to monitor and expose the incoming Republican White House. But who is going to monitor them?     Washington Examiner: A Democratic super PAC on Tuesday launched a fresh campaign to blunt President-elect Trump’s agenda. American Bridge has dubbed the effort the “Trump Administration Accountability

06 Dec 2016

Trump Spokesman: Trump Sold All Shares In Companies Earlier This Year

  The spokesman didn’t clarify what happened with the sales proceeds. The sale of these shares should reduce the concern for conflicts.     Reuters:   U.S. President-elect Donald Trump sold all of his shares in companies in June, aides said on Tuesday, a move that likely raised substantial cash

30 Nov 2016

Protesters Burn American Flags Outside Trump Tower

Did the protesters forget that the candidate they probably voted for supported consequences for flag burning just like Trump?   Fox News: “Oops!” We did it again Reject a Fascist America#FlagBurningChallenge#1stAmendment#NotMyPresident#NoDAPL#RevCom pic.twitter.com/YqxY69xNIO — Sunsara Taylor (@SunsaraTaylor) November 29, 2016 Just hours after President-elect Donald Trump tweeted that there “must be

27 Nov 2016

Donald Trump: I Won The Popular Vote If You Deduct The Illegal Voters

Donald Trump is absolutely right! The liberals want to try to make it seem like Hillary won the popular vote but she didn’t…     The Gateway Pundit: Donald Trump won the Electoral College in a landslide this year. — Trump won 306 electoral votes — Hillary Clinton won 232

19 Nov 2016

Man Charged For Tweeting His ‘Life Goal’ Is To Assassinate Trump

This Ohio man should be charged for making threats. Free speech has its limitations and all threats need to be taken seriously.   New York Post: An Ohio man who posted online that his “life goal” was to assassinate President-elect Donald Trump just hours after Election Day is now facing

19 Nov 2016

4 Charged For Attacking Man For Being Trump Supporter

  These 4 should be charged. They had no reason for attacking this man other than the pure hate they have in their hearts. This man did nothing to them. Gang of youths yelling "You Voted Trump!" beat a white motorist. Attempt to steal belongings. @HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump pic.twitter.com/yKunvCmcPv — The

17 Nov 2016

UCLA Professors Freaking Out Over Trump Win

  These professors are only adding to the fear mongering going on. Now they are setting up a meeting to discuss “trumpism”   Daily Caller: Two political science professors at the University of California – Los Angeles have spent the last two days distraught over Donald Trump’s election in political

16 Nov 2016

Father Of 4-Year-Old Girl Dies Because Of Anti-Trump Protesters

This father lost his life because these Anti-Trump protesters were blocking the roads. How is blocking the roads going to solve anything? Conservative Firing Line: Early Tuesday morning, Paul Joseph Watson reported that the father of a four-year-old girl died because anti-Trump protesters blocked roads, delaying the ambulance carrying the man

12 Nov 2016

Immigration Officers Celebrate Trump’s Victory

  These immigration officers must be starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. They are ready to be able to enforce the laws.   Buzzfeed: After a campaign in which Donald Trump promised to end illegal immigration, his victory over Hillary Clinton sent waves of optimism