04 Oct 2016

The NY Times Paid No Taxes In 2014

So if Hillary and The NY Times uses the tax code to not pay taxes it is ok? But if Trump does it, it means that he doesn’t care about the people his tax money would benefit?   Breitbart: The New York Times has excited the Clinton campaign and the rest

03 Oct 2016

NY Times Raises Questions About Trump Now, But In 1995 They Praised Him

NY Times has gone from praising Trump as the comeback kid, to criticizing him. They have flipped on Trump and are now endorsing Hillary.   Weasel Zippers: Gee, I wonder why they’re criticizing him now, when they praised him then? Could it be their endorsement of Hillary Clinton? You can

23 Sep 2016

Jorge Castañeda: Trump Could Easily Make Mexico Pay For The Wall

  At least Jorge Castañeda can see several actual ways to make Mexico pay for Trump’s border wall. Do you think Trump will actually build the wall though?     Weekly Standard: Jorge Castañeda, who served as Mexico’s secretary of foreign affairs from 2000 to 2003, and who is currently a

09 Sep 2016

Co-Founder Of Facebook Donates $20 Million To Help Dems Defeat Trump

  This just further confirms that Facebook is one sided and is all for Hillary, Democrats, and the far left.   CNN: A co-founder of Facebook is donating $20 million of his fortune to Democratic coffers in a late and likely consequential move to help defeat Republican candidate Donald Trump

08 Sep 2016

Goldman Sachs Bans High-Ranking Employees From Donating To Trump

Of course Goldman Sachs would change its policy on contributing money to campaigns in the middle of the election season.   CNBC: Investment bank Goldman Sachs has banned its high-ranking employees from contributing money to certain campaigns including that of U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, according to reports in

05 Sep 2016

‘Hide It Hillary’ Game Banned By Apple But ‘Punch Trump’ Approved

  This shows a definite bias by Apple. Why are they trying to keep Hillary apps off of Apple but they will let the Trump ones through?   Washington Times: Apple’s App Store seems to have been caught protecting Hillary Clinton from political satire games while allowing titles like “Punch

22 Aug 2016

Wow, CNN Assumes ‘Black’ Is a Synonym For ‘Felon’

Way to go CNN… You just called all black people felons. Why are we still using stereotypes?   Weasel Zippers: Many liberals are racists, but they don’t have to make it so obvious…  

10 Aug 2016

Black Pastors Breaking The Law To Help Hillary Get Elected

  If it were white pastors supporting Trump there would be an uproar and the IRS would probably do something about it. But black pastors supporting Hillary… no big deal…   The Atlantic: It is illegal for clergy to support or oppose political candidates from the pulpit. Houses of worship

02 Aug 2016

US Marine And Navy Vet Writes Open Letter To Mr. Khan

What a great letter to read! The US Marine and Navy Vet makes some very good points and every American voter should read it!   100 Percent Fed Up: Wow! This is a spectacular letter that should be read by every American voter. Veteran Chris Mark truly puts Mr. Khan’s

28 Jul 2016

Hillary Campaign Concerned About New Swing State Polls

The Hillary campaign is just now concerned that Trump has a real chance at winning? Where have they been the last several months?   Fox News Insider:   Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com President Obama will speak at the Democratic National Convention tonight, and that could be a taste