23 Dec 2016

2 Arrested In Oberhausen, Germany For Planning Attack On Shopping Center

Germany is falling apart after Angela Merkel let in so many criminals. Good thing they caught this before they could attack the shopping center. BBC: Two men have been arrested in Germany on suspicion of planning an attack on a shopping centre in Oberhausen near the Dutch border, police say.

22 Dec 2016

Germany Has 7,000 Terror Suspects At Large, Finds It Impossible To Monitor Them

  Germany is paying the price for Angela Merkel’s need for diversity. She has put the German people at risk for years to come. Daily Mail: Germany is finding it ‘almost impossible’ to keep track of around 7,000 potential terror suspects in the country, a former British intelligence chief has

20 Dec 2016

Angela Merkel Was Honoring Migrants When Terror Attack Happened

How long will it be before Angela Merkel resigns or makes major changes to her immigration policy? Express: GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel has cancelled a public appearance today and addressed the people of Germany but it can be revealed she was at a service honouring migrants when her own people

30 Nov 2016

German Intelligence Official Arrested In Islamic Terror Bomb Plot

  How many more German intelligence officers are actually Islamic terrorists? Good thing they caught this one before he could carry out his plot.   Telegraph: German intelligence officer has reportedly been arrested over a suspected Islamist plot to bomb the agency’s headquarters in Cologne. The 51-year-old official was said

01 Sep 2016

Merkel Finally Admits Her ‘Open Door’ Migrant Policy Was A Mistake

Angela Merkel stuck to her guns until recently when she couldn’t deny the horrible situation anymore. How many rape and assaults could have been avoided?     Breitbart: One year after suspending European Union (EU) rules and inviting “no upper limit” of migrants to Germany, Angela Merkel has admitted she

29 Aug 2016

Man Yelled “Allahu Akbar” Before Stabbing Two People In Germany

  How is this stabbing not politically motivated if the attacker was shouting “Allahu Akbar!”? Hopefully the victims make a full recovery.   Fox News: Police say a 26-year-old man has been detained after stabbing a picnicking couple in western Germany. Oberhausen police say the suspect was overpowered by one of

25 Jul 2016

Suicide Bomber In Germany Pledged Allegiance To ISIS

This isn’t surprising is it? The suicide bomber was a refugee and a video was found on his phone of him pledging his allegiance to ISIS.   New York Post: The Syrian refugee who killed himself and wounded 15 people in a suicide bombing at a German music festival on