28 Nov 2016

Gun Control In Action: 61 Shot, 9 Killed In Chicago Over Thanksgiving Weekend

  Gun control at work… Criminals don’t care about gun laws. Gun laws just leave the law abiding citizens unarmed and unable to defend themselves.     NBC Chicago:   Two men killed about 10 minutes apart brought the Thanksgiving weekend tally to eight fatal shootings. In all, at least

28 Jul 2016

Mother Of Orlando Shooting Victim Takes The Stage At DNC

Why is her speech only about how many rounds the gun can shoot? The gun doesn’t pull its trigger alone or aim its self at innocent people. Why are we not talking about the disease that is Islam, running rabid in our country? Why are we not putting more emphasis

21 Mar 2015

Gabby Giffords Visits Chris Christie To Push Firearm Confiscation Laws

On March 18, gun control proponent Gabby Giffords met with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) to discuss new firearm confiscation laws for the state. In August, Breitbart News reported that Americans for Responsible Solutions (ARS)—the gun control group founded by Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly—began pushing temporary confiscation

11 Mar 2015

Penny Okamoto’s Deranged Rantings ➠ “Can We Please Just Be Shot At With 10 Bullets At Once?”

Ceasefire Oregon’s Penny Okamoto & Jenn Lynch from Moms Demand Action (Back when it was called “One Million Moms For Gun Control”) say the assault weapons ban doesn’t go far enough, they want more stuff banned, 10 round magazines are too big, we should be limited to 5 rounds.