28 Jul 2016

Mother Of Orlando Shooting Victim Takes The Stage At DNC

Why is her speech only about how many rounds the gun can shoot? The gun doesn’t pull its trigger alone or aim its self at innocent people. Why are we not talking about the disease that is Islam, running rabid in our country? Why are we not putting more emphasis

09 Jul 2016

Gunmaker Shares Soar After Attack In Dallas

  The gun industry is the only industry thriving under Obama. Of course the gunmaker shares are soaring. When no one feels safe, they arm themselves. NY Post: Investors on Friday pushed the shares of gunmakers higher in what has become a typical reaction following a mass shooting. On the

20 Jun 2016

Rio Hospital Recommended For Olympic Tourists, Stormed By Gunmen

,  Why are we having the Olympics in Rio again? First the Zika virus, now gunmen shooting up the hospital tourists are recommended to use while there.. Who thought having it in Rio was a good idea? CBS News: A group of heavily armed men stormed a Rio de Janeiro