06 Oct 2016

NSA contractor charged with stealing top secret data

So this NSA contractor was caught with classified materials and he gets charged but Hillary, who is running for president, does the same and no charges were brought.   The Washington Post: A federal contractor suspected in the leak of powerful National Security Agency hacking tools has been arrested and

29 Sep 2016

Comey Says FBI Detected More Attempts To Hack Voter Registration Systems

  But what are Comey and the FBI doing about these hackers? “Looking into it” Because that was helpful with all the Hillary emails.     Slate: FBI Director James Comey said Wednesday there is evidence that there have been additional attempts to hack state voter registration systems than those

13 Mar 2015

Hackers Reveal Hillary’s Private Server Was VERY Insecure

Fox News chief Washington correspondent James Rosen has once again teamed up with a team of hackers to dig deeper into Hillary Clinton’s use of private emails, this time demonstrating that there were multiple security lapses when maintaining her private server. One of the anonymous hackers, who has “long experience

09 Mar 2015

ISIS Versus The Hamptons?

‘ISIS’ Hackers Attack Swanky Montauk Hotel A posh Montauk hotel got a rude surprise Saturday night, when its Web site was attacked by hackers claiming to be ISIS terrorists. Anyone logging on to montaukmanor.com would see not only beautiful photographs of the Montauk Manor’s rooms, suites and meeting spaces, but