09 Jan 2017

Obama Approves Large Uranium Shipment To Iran

Obama is now handing over uranium to Iran that could potentially be made into nuclear weapons. Wasn’t the billions of dollars enough? Right Scoop: Not only has Obama given Iran billions of dollars as part of his phony nuclear deal, he’s now just approved a huge shipment of uranium to

09 Nov 2016

Iran’s President Says Trump Can’t Undo Nuclear Deal

Iran’s president is quick to say that Trump won’t be able to undo the nuclear deal.   Bloomberg: Donald Trump won’t be able to undo world powers’ nuclear deal with Iran, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said, hours after the U.S. businessman was elected president. The 2015 accord, signed between Iran

06 Oct 2016

U.S. Chess Star Won’t Attend World Championships In Iran: ‘I will NOT wear a hijab’

Why are they holding the chess world championships in Iran to begin with anyways? Good for her for standing up for what she believes is right.     The Washington Post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BK_EOoLj0xp/ As one of the most successful women to ever play the male-dominated game of chess, Nazi Paikidze is

05 Oct 2016

Obama Admin Secretly Facilitated Iranian Ballistic Missile Program

The Obama admin didn’t just mislead journalists and lawmakers, they flat out lied to them. And if Hillary becomes president all this madness will continue.   Free Beacon: The Obama administration misled journalists and lawmakers for more than nine months about a secret agreement to lift international sanctions on a

30 Aug 2016

Iran Official Says Terrorism Must Be Countered At Its Roots

  But didn’t John Kerry say that terrorism is the media’s fault? If we didn’t know about what was going on from the media, then it wouldn’t be an issue, right?   AMN: A senior official in Iran states that Takfiri terrorism had to be countered from its roots. “The

26 Aug 2016

U.S. Ship Fires Warning Shots At Iranian Boat After It Harassed The Patrol Craft

The US Navy patrol craft should have fired more than just warning shots.. This is not the first time it has happened either and if it keeps happening something needs to be done about it.   CNN: A US Navy patrol craft fired three warning shots at an Iranian Revolutionary

13 Aug 2016

Iran Given Go Ahead By Obama Admin To Build Nuclear Plants

Obama gave them all that money so Iran has to do something with it. Obama is doing everything he can to destroy America.   Washington Free Beacon: Iran is permitted to pursue the construction of two newly announced nuclear plants under the parameters of last summer’s nuclear agreement, Obama administration

30 Jun 2016

Iran Used Intimidation Tactics On American Sailors

  But didn’t the Obama administration thank Iran and claim they helped the American sailors? The sailors must feel betrayed by their own president after what they went through. Free Beacon:  Iran used “intimidation tactics” when interrogating the 10 American sailors arrested in the Persian Gulf in January, according to

28 Jun 2016

Iran Arrests Canadian Over Feminism

  How many times has Iran arrested people from other countries for made up offenses? Where are all the the feminists demanding her release? MONTREAL – A Montreal-based university professor being held in an Iranian jail is being investigated for ‘dabbling in feminism and security matters,’ according to her family.

20 Jun 2016

Every Day ISIS Is Crucifying Residents For Violating Ramadan

  ISIS will use any justification to kill and crucify people. They are spreading fear among these towns. When will they be stopped? Newsweek: Fighters from the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) are crucifying residents “every day” for violating fasting rules during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, according to

Abbott: Texas Won't Be An Accomplice To Iran's Terrorist Activity
17 May 2016

Abbott: Texas Won’t Be An Accomplice To Iran’s Terrorist Activity

Good for Texas. The Obama administration should be sending Iran the same message, not trying to be best friends with them. Fox New Insider: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott explained his decision to maintain economic sanctions against Iran despite the Obama Administration’s request to lift them. Abbott says he will seek

13 Mar 2015

Here’s The Explosive Iranian Nuke Ad The Big-3 Networks Didn’t Want You To See

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3DfNqZ-cvI?rel=0] A new bipartisan group of former U.S. Senators has produced a TV ad highlighting the seriousness of the Iranian nuclear negotiations and the threat posed by a radical Islamist regime getting its hands on nuclear weapons. The group called American Security Initiative (ASI) wanted to run the ad