28 Nov 2016

ISIS Opens Fire On Israeli Forces, Israel Responds With Airstrikes

Maybe now that ISIS realizes that Israel will fight back, maybe they won’t fire on them again.   The Gateway Pundit: Islamic State fighters fired on Israeli Defense Forces on Sunday in Golan Heights. Israel responded with an airstrike. This was the first intentional firefight between ISIS and Israeli forces. Thanks

11 Nov 2016

Israeli PM Congratulates Trump, Trump Invites Him To U.S.

There is a vast difference already between Trump’s relationship with the Israeli Prime Minister and the one Obama had with him.   Daily Mail: President-elect Donald Trump has invited Benjamin Netanyahu to the US for talks ‘at the first opportunity’. The billionaire spoke with the Israeli prime minister on Wednesday

13 Aug 2016

Egyptian Judo Star Refused To Shake Hands With Israeli At Olympics

Why even go to the Olympics, or even participate in the match, if you didn’t want to shake hands or bow, which is mandatory? They must not teach good sportsmanship in Egypt… New York Post: An Egyptian judo star refused to shake hands with his Israeli opponent after a controversial

Abbott: Texas Won't Be An Accomplice To Iran's Terrorist Activity
17 May 2016

Abbott: Texas Won’t Be An Accomplice To Iran’s Terrorist Activity

Good for Texas. The Obama administration should be sending Iran the same message, not trying to be best friends with them. Fox New Insider: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott explained his decision to maintain economic sanctions against Iran despite the Obama Administration’s request to lift them. Abbott says he will seek