29 Oct 2015

Michelle Going On Another Taxpayer Funded Vacation

    It must be nice being Michelle Obama. Not many Americans get to take eight-year long vacations while jetting around the world, shaking hands, and making friends with celebrities. The First Lady is about to head to the Middle East solo for the first time in order to meet with U.S.

08 Aug 2015

D’oh! Study Finds Mooch’s “Let’s Move!” Campaign Is Causing People To GAIN Weight

FAIL. Raw Story: In case there was not enough evidence that we need to reevaluate the way we are handling the obesity epidemic, a new study has found that obesity awareness can lead to increased weight gain. These findings seem to contradict the fact that those who are overweight tend

22 Jul 2015

Michelle Obama Drops The Hammer On School After It Drops Her Lunches

Apparently, the dictatorial powers bestowed upon Barack Obama, by Barack Obama, now extend to his wife, Michelle Obama, as a school is paying a major price for dropping Michelle’s “healthy” lunch program. The Bozeman, Montana school district voted to discontinue its high school’s participation in the National School Lunch program,

16 Jul 2015

Sailors BLAST Michelle Obama Over Navy’s Decision To Stop Serving French Fries, Fried Chicken, Whole Milk

No more fried chicken? Racist! Via Vocativ: Sailors outraged over the Navy’s plan to phase out fried foods from its menus have found the perfect vessel for their anger in First Lady Michelle Obama.   The First Lady doesn’t set nutrition policy for the nation’s fleets. But that hasn’t stopped

01 Jul 2015

Obama Ally Lands Major Contract For Michelle’s Healthy School Lunch, Yogurt Will Replace Meat

Nepotism, it’s what’s for lunch. Via EAG New York yogurt manufacturer Chobani just landed a massive U.S. Department of Agriculture contract for school lunches after years of lobbying lawmakers and President Obama on its products.   The upstate-New York Greek yogurt maker will be distributing its products to schools nationwide

30 Jun 2015

Globe-Trotting Michelle Obama Announces More Foreign Trips

Globe-trotting Michelle Obama announces MORE foreign trips to promote education abroad after sojourns to Japan, Cambodia and the UK. The first lady announced a new program earlier this year to help adolescent girls in third world nations to attend and stay in school She has traveled to Japan, Cambodia and

19 Jun 2015

Foreigner Fighting ISIS Has An EPIC Message For Barack & Michelle Obama

Foreigner Fighting ISIS Has An EPIC Message For Barack & Michelle Obama The more horrific atrocities are committed in the name of Islam, the more our politicians seek to appease and defend it, almost as if they are feeding a crocodile, hoping it will eat them last. However, while the

18 Jun 2015

First Lady Tells Daughters To Tweet What They Learned In School ➠ Not What They Had For Lunch

First lady tells daughters to tweet what they learned in school, not what they had for lunch Michelle Obama: “As I tell my kids, instead of tweeting about what you had for lunch, why don’t you tweet about what you’re doing in class” — Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) June 16, 2015

16 Jun 2015

Michelle Obama Bashes America While Overseas…

  Classy: Michelle Obama Bashes America While Overseas, Tells British Muslim Girls They Face Same Struggle As Blacks In U.S. Mooch also told the girls (most wearing headscarves and hijabs), “When I look out at all these young women, I see myself.” Via Express: Michelle Obama compared her struggle to

16 Jun 2015

Taxpayers Billed $128,781 For Michelle Obama To See Cultural Sites In Venice

Taxpayers Billed 8,781 For Michelle Obama To See Cultural Sites In Venice   Always on us… Via Free Beacon: Hotel costs for First Lady Michelle Obama to see cultural sites in Venice during the last leg of her trip overseas is costing taxpayers $128,781.   The First Lady left for