08 Sep 2016

Ferguson Activist, Who Was Critical Of BLM, Found Shot In Burning Car

What will the BLM activists Seals has been so critical of, have to say about his murder? Hopefully the police figure out what happened.     The St. Louis American: A locally known Ferguson activist who protested in the streets seeking justice for Michael Brown Jr.’s death was killed early

05 Sep 2016

Disgraced Mizzou Professor Melissa Click Lands Job At Gonzaga University

Hopefully Melissa Click has learned her lesson and can keep her cool now but past behavior is the best representation of future behavior.   Fox News Insider: Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Former University of Missouri professor Melissa Click has landed a new job at Gonzaga University, according to

29 Aug 2016

Man Hurls Molotov Cocktail Into Woman’s Car As She’s Driving To Church

  What did this grandma do to deserve someone throwing a Molotov cocktail inside her car? What a sad and hate filled world we live in.     STL Today: A 79-year-old woman was driving to church Sunday morning when three men pulled up alongside her in a Monte Carlo

05 May 2016

Mizzou Enrollment Down More Than 22% After #BlackLivesMatter Protests

Why would any parent want to send their kid to a campus that has been known to be unsafe…   STL Today: The University of Missouri will have the smallest class of new students this fall since 2006, according to recent projections that show the loss of new enrollments could

31 Mar 2016

Missouri House Of Representatives Passes Resolution Demanding Members Pronounce The Word “Fiscal” Correctly

Government at work. And with this, they still would have done more than Hillary did in the Senate…   Homonyms — words that sound the same but have different definitions — are hard.   We’re all been their. You meant to use won word, but ended up oozing another.  

07 Mar 2016

Missouri Muslim Couples ‘JIHAD 1′ License Plate Is Defended By CAIR (Video)

Different rules for members of a protected class. KMOV.com  Via The Daily Mail: A personalized license plate that reads ‘JIHAD 1’ has been allowed in the state of Missouri.   A St Louis news station was contacted by a viewer who spotted the license plate and found it ‘insulting’ before

01 Jul 2015

DOJ Faults #Ferguson PD For Protest Response

  The Mayor also failed to designate destruction zones. Via STL Dispatch Police trying to control the Ferguson protests and riots responded with an uncoordinated effort that sometimes violated free-speech rights, antagonized crowds with military-style tactics and shielded officers from accountability, the Justice Department says in a document obtained Monday

16 Jun 2015

SEE IT ➠ ‘Bone-Chilling’ Facebook Post Leads Police To DISTURBING Discovery!

SEE IT: ‘Bone-Chilling’ Facebook Post Leads Police To DISTURBING Discovery Missouri police were recently alerted to a mother and her disabled daughter after family and friends noticed a “bone-chilling” post on their Facebook profile. It wasn’t until later that police made quite the disturbing discovery and became aware of yet another

10 Jun 2015

Meanwhile As #BlackLivesMatter Targets #McKinney ➠ 3 More Children Shot In Baltimore

Meanwhile As #BlackLivesMatter Targets #McKinney, 3 More Children Shot In Baltimore Black Lives Matter only is police kill beat yell at kids. Meanwhile, black kids continue to be killed by black teens. Via Baltimore: Three young boys were among the five people injured in shootings over the weekend in Baltimore,

06 Jun 2015

New Black Panther Members Plotted To Blow Up Ferguson Police Station But Ran Out Of Cash On EBT Card

New Black Panther Members Plotted to Blow Up Ferguson Police Station But Ran Out of Cash on EBT Card Two New Black Panthers members were indicted in April on charges they were planning to bomb public buildings including the Ferguson police station. Brandon Orlando Baldwin, 22, and Olajuwon Davis,22 were