15 Jun 2016

Islamic Refugee Arrested With Gas Pipeline Plans For New Mexico Town

One caught but how many others are involved in whatever she had the gas pipeline plans for? And now Obama is fast tracking more refugees into the country… Judicial Watch: Police in a U.S. town bordering Mexico have apprehended an undocumented, Middle Eastern woman in possession of the region’s gas

14 Aug 2015

Gov. Martinez: New Mexico Was NOT Warned About River Spill For 24 Hours & 3X Larger Than Stated

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20 Mar 2015

DOD Plans Exercises In Civilian Areas In Western US ➠ May Violate Posse Comitatus Act

  DoD Plans Exercises in Civilian Areas in Western US => May Violate Posse Comitatus Act Another day, another law broken? Map Infowars The Department of Defense is planning upcoming military exercises to take place in several Western states, including: California, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico.   The military  exercises are going