06 Dec 2016

BREAKING: Man Arrested At Rockefeller Center With Gas Can & Matches

  The man claimed he was not going to set anything on fire… Then why was he walking around with a gas can with gas in it and matches?   NY Daily News: Police arrested an emotionally disturbed man lugging a gas can at Rockefeller Center and carrying a book

19 Sep 2016

FBI Detains 5 For Possible Ties To Chelsea Bombing, Pipe Bomb Cache Found In New Jersey

FBI has 5 people detained, but how many more people were involved with the multiple pipe bombs in several different cities?   NY Daily News: The FBI took five people with possible links to the Chelsea explosion into custody Sunday night in Brooklyn as authorities shut down a busy New

18 Sep 2016

911 Caller Warns There Will Be More Explosions

What a chilling 911 call. Hopefully the police will find the person responsible for causing the explosion.   NY Post: A 911 caller warned of further explosions right after the blast that rocked Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood and injured 29 people, The Post has learned. “I’m looking at the explosion down

17 Sep 2016

Explosion In Manhattan Injures At Least 29

First New Jersey, now an explosion in Manhattan. What is going on today? They are also searching for a secondary device. NY Times: A powerful explosion rocked the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan on Saturday night, injuring 29 people, shattering windows and forcing the closure of several blocks, the authorities said.

21 Jul 2016

Investigators Conclude Gunfire In Brooklyn Not Aimed At Cops

These random shootings need to be stopped. These thugs need to learn the can’t just open fire on anyone. The cops are on high alert after being targeted because of the hate the media and BLM has put out there.   NY Daily News: Gunfire in Brooklyn on Tuesday was

21 Jul 2016

Man Attacked In Brooklyn, Officials Suspect Knock Out Game

These thugs playing this stupid knock out game needs someone to sucker punch them and knock them out and teach them a lesson. ABC: BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn (WABC) — Police are looking for several people in connection with an attack on a man in Brooklyn Heights earlier this month. Now,

28 Jun 2016

New York City Workers To Take Course On Correct Transgender Pronouns

  It won’t be long before each state is following New York’s lead in sensitivity training. This country has become so delicate that one wrong pronoun can cause a riot.   New York Post: Firefighters and medics will take their first “Trans 101” course on Tuesday, learning the correct way

20 Jun 2016

NYPD Officials Arrested, Tied To Allegations Of Lavish Gifts

How many more NYPD officials are going to be named in the case or a similar one in the coming months? How many other police departments have the same issue? ABC News: Three top NYPD officials and a fundraiser for Mayor de Blasio were arrested at their homes by the

27 Feb 2016

NY Moves To Allow Illegal Aliens To Teach In Public Schools

Insanity, they wouldn’t even pass a normal background check. Much less implicitly endorsing breaking the law. Via: Fox News New York education officials are defending a hotly debated plan to allow illegal immigrants to be certified as public school teachers.   Saying the district doesn’t want to “close the door

18 Dec 2015

Toy Guns Banned In New York

Three dozen online retailers will no longer be able to sell realistic-looking toy guns in New York, according to PressConnects. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman reached a settlement this week with 30 online toy gun retailers who sell their products through Amazon.com. Through Amazon, those retailers sold over 5,000 “imitation weapons” – toy guns