Eyewitnesses Saw Community Police Flee From Scene Of Terror Stabbings At Borough Market
04 Jun 2017

Eyewitnesses Saw Community Police Flee From Scene Of Terror Stabbings At Borough Market

Maybe if these community police officers would have been armed they would have stayed and helped but instead they fled like everyone else. Daily Caller: Multiple eyewitnesses said that community police officers fled from Borough Market in London after seeing two men with knives stabbing people as part of a terror

20 Jan 2017

At Least 95 Arrested For Breaking Store Windows And Setting Limo On Fire

What does smashing windows and setting limos on fire have to do with anything they are protesting? Those businesses did nothing to these protesters.   ABC News: Violence flared on some streets of Washington, D.C., today amid Donald Trump’s inauguration — with people smashing car and store windows, clashing with

15 Nov 2016

71 Rioters Arrested During 4th Night Of Violent Anti-Trump Protests In Portland

  Is this what peaceful protesting looks like in Portland? How is rioting, throwing bottles at police, and blocking the roadways going to change anything?     Daily Mail: A whopping 71 people were arrested in Portland during the fourth night of anti-Trump protests that saw police hurling flash grenades

12 Nov 2016

Police: Alaska Officer Ambushed And Shot Multiple Times

  What is wrong with people? Why would this man just walk up to this police officer and start shooting? Hopefully this Alaska police officer makes a full recovery.     Washington Post: An Alaska police officer was “ambushed” and shot multiple times in downtown Anchorage early Saturday morning, according

25 Oct 2016

ACLU: High School Event Sending Frightening Message By Honoring Police Officers

  ACLU is just setting another double standard. If they can kneel for the National Anthem, why can’t this High School honor it’s police force?     Fox News: A New Jersey high school has come under fire after holding a ceremony honoring law enforcement, military and first responders before

18 Oct 2016

DOJ Will Start Tracking Police Use Of Deadly Force

  Seems like the DOJ is leaning towards a federal police force. Lynch announced a plan that goes along with what Comey stated in September.     Law Officer: Promising information that is more standardized and complete than has previously been available, Attorney General Loretta Lynch says the Department of

13 Oct 2016

Man With Body Armor And Rifle Who Shot Two Cops Killed By Police

  These two cops were responding to a report of a domestic disturbance when this man opened fired on them. But BLM doesn’t care that cops are putting their lives in danger to protect them.   BOSTON (AP): A man wearing body armor and armed with an assault rifle shot

13 Oct 2016

Backpack Bomb Found In Front Of Nederland Police Station

  Why is there no media coverage on this bomb in front of this police station? Is the media only covering stories that involve black shooting victims?     Daily Camera: Nothing seemed out of the ordinary at Nederland’s Caribou Ridge Shopping Center on Wednesday afternoon — at least on

12 Oct 2016

Black Professor: ‘I Would Much Rather My Children Interact With Drugs Than With Police’

  What kind of backwards thinking is this? This Professor is obviously not thinking about the repercussions of doing illegal drugs. Doing drugs usually leads to an interaction with police or a thug drug dealer.   College Fix: That statement comes from Columbia University Professor Carl Hart in a recent

11 Oct 2016

Man Killed In Controversial Cop Shooting In Tulsa Had PCP In His System

Maybe the PCP in his system was why he wasn’t following the officer’s directions. The officer could tell that he was high. NY Post: TULSA, Okla. — Oklahoma’s medical examiner says an unarmed man shot dead by a Tulsa police officer last month had the hallucinogenic drug PCP in his

06 Oct 2016

Two Brussel Police Officers Stabbed In Possible Terrorist Incident

  Luckily the Brussels officers who were stabbed, were not seriously injured. Another officer spotted the suspect and was able to arrest him.     Telegraph: A knife-wielding assailant stabbed two policemen in a Brussels district known as a hotbed of jihadism in what prosecutors are treating as a suspected terrorist attack.

29 Sep 2016

BLM Protester Arrested For Looting

This BLM protester should be thrown in jail for tearing up his own city and running down the officers that protect it. What a mess BLM is making. CHARLOTTE, N.C.:   Police say the man accused of hitting three officers and looting a restaurant during the Charlotte protests has been

14 Sep 2016

BLM Leader Robbed, Demands More Police Patrols

When is BLM going to learn that you can’t have it both ways? You can’t protest the police and then demand more police protection. Doesn’t that go against everything they protest?     ABC 13 News: A University of Houston grad student was robbed at gunpoint just outside his off-campus

11 Sep 2016

Chicago Man Hires Private Patrols Of Off-Duty Cops

  Good for this man who wants to make his neighborhood safer for everyone. Chicago needs to step up and come up with some sort of plan that works to keep crime down, not raise crime rates.   CBS Chicago: A Chicago man, fed up and frustrated with what he

10 Sep 2016

Cincinnati Black Lives Matter Trying To Get Police Presence Out Of Schools

  This shows again how Black Lives Matter care nothing about helping people but just making noise and trying to get attention.   Fox 19: Black Lives Matter of Cincinnati will be part of the “CPD out of CPS Campaign” this weekend to scrap all police from all Cincinnati Public

02 Sep 2016

Kaepernick Slams Critics Of His Socks

  This is an update to this story. Kaepernick needs to find a better way to protest, especially on the field where he is paid to play.   Raw Story: San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick pushed back on Thursday against the outcry over his decision to wear socks depicting

30 Aug 2016

Police Officer Ran Over By Woman During Traffic Stop

Hopefully this police officer recovers quickly and fully. Luckily the woman was caught this morning and is now in police custody.   Fox News Insider: At 11: ONLY ON @FOX5Atlanta– Police say dash cam video shows suspect giving false name, before running over officer pic.twitter.com/hGlUDTuzv9 — Marissa Mitchell (@MarissaMFOX5) August 30,

27 Aug 2016

Black Teens Harass Chicago Police As They Investigate Shooting

  What is wrong with people? These officers are trying to do their job and investigate this murder but keep having to stop and deal with these immature people.   Chicago Tribune: Three gunshots cracked the air close to where police were investigating a West Englewood shooting early Friday. “Run,

03 Aug 2016

Mother Of Teens Blames Black Lives Matter For Police Shooting

  Black Lives Matter is the backbone to the hatred against police running rampant through our country. They are poisoning our country.   Associated Press: The mother of one of two central Pennsylvania teenagers charged with shooting at police officers last week contends the Black Lives Matter movement is to

02 Aug 2016

Mural Honoring Slain Dallas Officers Unveiled

What a beautiful mural honoring the 5 officers killed in Dallas last month. This will be a place to remember the fallen officers for years to come.   Fox News Insider: A mural honoring the five Dallas police officers killed in an ambush last month was unveiled Sunday. Artist Scott

31 Jul 2016

Police: 4 injured, 1 Dead In 2 Austin Shootings

The gun grabbers are going to be all over this, like every other shooting incident. The Austin police had originally tweeted it was an active shooter situation but turned out to be 2 separate incidents. CNN: One person was killed and four were injured early Sunday in two separate shootings

29 Jul 2016

1 Cop Killed, Another Injured In San Diego Shooting

When will the violence come to an end? Another day, another shooting. It seems like the whole world is becoming more and more violent and filled with hate.   ABC News: A police officer and father of two is dead, and another cop is injured after they were shot in

28 Jul 2016

Marilyn Mosby Being Sued By Freddie Gray Officers

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Marilyn Mosby was politically and personally motivated to bring these charges against the officers. CNN: Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby is going from prosecutor to civil defendant in connection with the case of the death of Freddie Gray. On Wednesday, Mosby announced

26 Jul 2016

Police Union Slams Hillary for Ignoring Families of Slain Officers

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Hillary is fueling the racial tension and the hatred against police. Our leaders need to step up and set an example for unity. Fox News Insider: The Democratic National Convention is set to hear from the families of African-Americans killed by police, including the