26 Jul 2016

Police Union Slams Hillary for Ignoring Families of Slain Officers

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Hillary is fueling the racial tension and the hatred against police. Our leaders need to step up and set an example for unity. Fox News Insider: The Democratic National Convention is set to hear from the families of African-Americans killed by police, including the

25 Jul 2016

The Black Heroes Who Destroyed The Freddie Gray Hoax

What a breath of fresh air! It is so nice to see two heroes using the judicial system the way it was made it be used! It should be about facts not opinions. Front Page Mag: Once again, Judge Barry G. Williams handed the Freddie Gray lynch mob a decisive

22 Jul 2016

Cop Served Sandwich With Shards Of Glass Inside

What a horrific experience for this cop. Why in the world would someone do such an awful thing to someone else? The hate has to stop.   Mad World News: An Ohio police officer recently grabbed a bite to eat, not suspecting what the mundane event would bring about. After

21 Jul 2016

Investigators Conclude Gunfire In Brooklyn Not Aimed At Cops

These random shootings need to be stopped. These thugs need to learn the can’t just open fire on anyone. The cops are on high alert after being targeted because of the hate the media and BLM has put out there.   NY Daily News: Gunfire in Brooklyn on Tuesday was

20 Jul 2016

BLM Protest Turned Into A Cookout With Wichita Police

This is the way it should be! There shouldn’t be a division between the police and the community. It shouldn’t be us vs. them…   Fox News Insider: With all the division in the country right now, here’s a story that will restore your faith in humanity. When a Black

18 Jul 2016

Facebook Post By Officer Killed In Shooting Goes Viral

This officer’s Facebook post is truly heart wrenching. The hatred that is consuming people in our country and world needs to be stopped.   Fox News Insider: Pretty powerful. This is a FB post from one of the #BatonRouge officers killed. Watch @foxandfriends today 6-9 AM pic.twitter.com/iKSMKgLVmO — Ainsley Earhardt

17 Jul 2016

Police Officer Shot In ‘Vicious’ Attack, Suspect Dead

  All hell has broken loose on our police officers. How many more attacks are there going to be on innocent police officers? WISN: A Milwaukee police officer was shot in a “vicious” attack early Sunday as he sat in his squad car while colleagues investigated a domestic disturbance call,

12 Jul 2016

BLM Activist Says ‘We Need to Abolish the Police’

This BLM activist is nuts! The police are people from the community trying to protect and serve their own neighborhoods. Both sides are playing the blame game instead of coming up with real solutions that will actually solve issues instead of causing more anger and hatred.   Fox News Insider:

11 Jul 2016

Dallas Police Chief: Young Black Men Should Become ‘Part of the Solution’

Finally someone is offering a sensible and smart solution to the problem! Way to go Chief Brown! If you don’t like what is happening, do something about it! Don’t stand in the streets and throw a tantrum and get yourself arrested. Do something proactive that will help you and the

08 Jul 2016

All 5 Police Officers Killed In Dallas Shooting Have Been Identified

What a tragic and senseless loss for the Dallas area, Police communities, and for the friends and families of these fallen officers.   Fox News Insider: Five Dallas police officers were killed Thursday night when a sniper opened fire on them at a rally against police brutality. The gunman was

20 Jun 2016

Impatient Driver Runs Into Deputies During Orlando Victim’s Funeral Procession

Who doesn’t stop and pull to the side of the road for a funeral procession to pass? What an impatient and disrespectful woman. CBS News: Two Florida sheriff’s deputies were hospitalized Saturday after they were hit by a car during a funeral procession for a victim of last weekend’s terror

20 Jun 2016

NYPD Officials Arrested, Tied To Allegations Of Lavish Gifts

How many more NYPD officials are going to be named in the case or a similar one in the coming months? How many other police departments have the same issue? ABC News: Three top NYPD officials and a fundraiser for Mayor de Blasio were arrested at their homes by the

16 May 2016

New Report Shows Spike In Homicides In U.S. Cities

Not only was there a spike in homicides but also in rapes, robberies, and aggravated assaults. Cops are scared to do their jobs because of backlash and criminals are braver than ever. There is a serious moral issue in this country. CNN: Homicides across dozens of U.S. cities spiked by