31 Dec 2016

No, Media, The Election Wasn’t Hacked, So Stop Saying It Was

  As long as the headlines are fitting to the mainstream media’s agenda, they don’t care if it is true or not. The media just wants to push their agendas.   HEATSTREET: When President Obama announced Thursday he was taking retaliatory measures against Russia for its role in cyber-attacks against

19 Dec 2016

BREAKING: Russian Ambassador To Turkey Shot

  The Russian ambassador was not the only that was shot. There are reports of several other people being injured in the attack.   BBC: The Russian ambassador to Ankara, Andrei Karlov, has been shot and seriously injured while visiting a photo gallery in the Turkish capital. Several other people

14 Dec 2016

Report: DNC Ignored FBI Warnings About Russian Cyber Attack

  The DNC tech-support contractor didn’t seem too concerned with the FBI’s warnings… He only kind of looked into because the FBI kept contacting him.   Free Beacon: The Democratic National Committee brushed aside warnings from the FBI that its computer network had been breached by hackers linked to the

18 Jul 2016

Russia Moves Missiles Into Illegally Seized Crimea

Who would have thought that Obama would be challenged by Russia, Iran, and China around the same time. Add in North Korea and there is a very scary situation going on.   Daily Caller: Russia will move advanced S-400 surface to air missiles into the illegally annexed Crimean peninsula next month,