22 Sep 2016

Texas School District Puts Up This Warning

  Teachers May Carry Guns And May Use Whatever Force is Necessary… This has to be one of the safest schools in Texas now.     CW39: It’s a sign of the times in South Texas: welcome to the wild west! The Medina Independent School District put up a sign

10 Sep 2016

Cincinnati Black Lives Matter Trying To Get Police Presence Out Of Schools

  This shows again how Black Lives Matter care nothing about helping people but just making noise and trying to get attention.   Fox 19: Black Lives Matter of Cincinnati will be part of the “CPD out of CPS Campaign” this weekend to scrap all police from all Cincinnati Public

17 May 2016

Burlington College, Once Led by Bernie’s Wife, Closing Due to Debt

Socialism at its finest. They are closing because of debt she accumulated while president. But what about Bernie’s stance on free college? If all the colleges close because of debt there won’t be any free college. Is that their plan? Fox News Insider: Burlington College, the small liberal arts institution