23 May 2017

Vile CBS Reporter Makes Sickening Joke About Manchester Bombing

‘Last Time I Listened to Ariana Grande I almost Died Too’ I would think that his employer would take him to the woodshed, but it’s CBS so he is probably being groomed to be Stephen Colbert’s trusted sidekick.  Leavitt didn’t realize the magnitude of this tragedy? What is unclear about

05 Jan 2017

Barack Obama: No Terrorist Attacks On The US In The Last Eight Years

Barack Obama is delusional. Where has he been for the last 8 years? Maybe he was too busy golfing and enjoying vacations to know what was going on.   Fox News Insider: Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com President Barack Obama spoke Wednesday at Joint Base Myer in Arlington, Va.,

23 Dec 2016

2 Arrested In Oberhausen, Germany For Planning Attack On Shopping Center

Germany is falling apart after Angela Merkel let in so many criminals. Good thing they caught this before they could attack the shopping center. BBC: Two men have been arrested in Germany on suspicion of planning an attack on a shopping centre in Oberhausen near the Dutch border, police say.

28 Nov 2016

OSU Terror Suspect Identified As Abdul Artan From Somalia

  Authorities are now looking into a link to terrorism after they found Facebook rants from the suspect. This is an update to these two stories. The Gateway Pundit: At least 8 people were injured in an incident at Ohio State University. An Ohio State spokesman says the suspect rammed a

06 Oct 2016

Two Brussel Police Officers Stabbed In Possible Terrorist Incident

  Luckily the Brussels officers who were stabbed, were not seriously injured. Another officer spotted the suspect and was able to arrest him.     Telegraph: A knife-wielding assailant stabbed two policemen in a Brussels district known as a hotbed of jihadism in what prosecutors are treating as a suspected terrorist attack.

10 Sep 2016

Car Packed With Gas Cylinders Found Outside Synagogue In France

    This is similar to the incident a week ago in Paris. The police did not find a detonator in the car with the cylinders.   Daily Mail: A car filled with gas cylinders was today found parked outside a synagogue in the south of France. The suspicious vehicle

24 May 2016

Bronx Man Charged With Providing Material Support To ISIS

Why in the world would they let this man back in the US… If the UK wouldn’t let him in and warned the FBI about him why wasn’t something done about it until now? NY Daily News: A Bronx man with a large knife collection and a penchant for beheading