21 Jun 2016

Lynch Says Best Response to Terrorism Is Love and Compassion

Is Loretta Lynch really being serious? The only thing that is going to stop terrorism is to eliminate those who are causing it. Free Beacon: Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that love and compassion are the best responses to terrorism during remarks to the media in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday. Lynch said the

26 May 2016

New Taliban Leader Vows No Peace Talks And ‘Terror’ Will Continue

Of course he will continue the terror on their enemies.. Should we expect anything less from these barbaric, hateful people? CNN: The new Afghan Taliban leader has told commanders and the group’s supreme leadership council that there will be no peace talks with the Afghan government, a source in the

24 May 2016

Bronx Man Charged With Providing Material Support To ISIS

Why in the world would they let this man back in the US… If the UK wouldn’t let him in and warned the FBI about him why wasn’t something done about it until now? NY Daily News: A Bronx man with a large knife collection and a penchant for beheading