23 Dec 2016

Did CNN Host Brian Stelter Make Delta Incident Go Viral?

You would think that Brian Stelter, the host of “Reliable Sources”, would look into the incident before blindly re-tweeting the video…     Fox News Insider: Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com A YouTube celebrity made headlines and sparked outrage after he accused Delta Airlines of kicking him off a

19 Nov 2016

Man Charged For Tweeting His ‘Life Goal’ Is To Assassinate Trump

This Ohio man should be charged for making threats. Free speech has its limitations and all threats need to be taken seriously.   New York Post: An Ohio man who posted online that his “life goal” was to assassinate President-elect Donald Trump just hours after Election Day is now facing

11 Jul 2016

Obama Administrastion Says ISIS Is Losing Ground On Twitter

  Because beating ISIS on Twitter is where it counts, right? Eliminating the propaganda is not stopping them from brutally killing innocent people. CBS News– The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s Twitter traffic has plunged 45 percent in the past two years, the Obama administration says, as the U.S.

04 May 2016

Elizabeth Warren Goes On Angry Twitter Rant About Trump

Oh no… Not another angry tweet…   FNI: Following Donald Trump’s decisive win in Indiana, many are calling the billionaire businessman the Republican Party’s “presumptive nominee.”   Upon Ted Cruz’s announcement that he was dropping out of the race – essentially clearing a path for Trump – Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth

18 Mar 2015

John Kerry Refuses To Even Address Netanyahu Election Victory

John Kerry Refuses To Even Address Netanyahu Election Victory…   Even the notoriously anti-Israel EU congratulated Netanyahu. Via INN: The EU congratulated Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on his election victory Wednesday, but added it was committed to relaunching the peace process which he appeared to repudiate during the campaign by

11 Mar 2015

Islamic State Video Claims Killing Of “Israeli Spy” Musallam

REUTERS/AMMAR AWAD Video posted online by Islamic State Tuesday shows a boy killing Muhammad Musallam, an Israeli Arab accused by IS as working for Mossad. Deborah Lutterbeck reports. (Reuters) – A video posted online by Islamic State militants on Tuesday showed a boy fatally shooting Muhammad Musallam, an Israeli Arab

09 Mar 2015

ISIS Spread Its Reach Through Twitter With 46,000 Accounts

Designated terrorist groups have reportedly long used social media to communicate. Al Qaeda and the Taliban have been believed to frequent Facebook, and Hamas has been a well-known devotee of Twitter. Now, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, is thought to also be quite active on social networks.