Arabs Celebrating The Killing Of 4 Civilians In Tel Aviv
09 Jun 2016

VIDEO: Arabs Celebrating The Killing Of 4 Civilians In Tel Aviv

Celebrating the murder of innocent people therefore proving they’re just plain ole just evil. Raised and reared in evil from the day that they are born.   VIDEO: Arabs celebrate after 4 civilians are killed in Tel-Aviv. — Breaking News Feed (@pzf) June 9, 2016 Fox News: An Israeli

04 Jun 2016

Airstrikes Kill Dozens Of ISIS Militants In Fallujah

Hopefully this puts them a step closer to retaking control of Fallujah and getting the rest of the people out. ISIS needs to be stopped. CNN: Coalition warplanes bombed ISIS command centers and tunnel networks Friday in Falluja, Iraq, killing dozens of militants, the Iraqi Joint Operation Command said, as

09 May 2016

Swedish Mother Invites Refugee Into Her Home Who Promptly Molests Her 10 Year-Old Daughter

What a shame that the daughter had to pay the consequences for her mother’s complete stupidity. Get ready for the same thing right here in the USA. These are the same people Obama is bringing into our country in droves.   Daily Caller: A Swedish mother decided it would be a good idea

05 May 2016

Danish School Bans Muslim Students From Wearing Niqab

It is unbelievable how brainwashed those women are. It is really sad. RT: An adult education center in a Copenhagen suburb has told six Muslim students that they can no longer attend classes unless they remove the niqab. The controversial move is an effort to promote “free and unhindered communication”

05 May 2016

Germans Go On Trial For Running Sharia Police Force

They went in with force, took over a neighborhood & the stupid authorities are going to charge them with the crime of “wearing uniforms with political messages”. Conquest by immigration…   DW: Düsseldorf state court said on Tuesday that eight of the nine accused men can face trial on the grounds of

01 May 2016

Terror Attack Leaves Dozens Dead and Wounded…

Why does our government continue to coddle Islam? Fox News: Two car bombs in the southern Iraqi city of Samawah on Sunday killed 31 people and wounded dozens, the latest in a series of large attacks claimed by the Islamic State group as the country grapples with a worsening political

22 Apr 2016

Full Frontal Attack: Obama Blackmails U.K Over Attempt To Leave EU

Obama just wants to be king of the world… That’s all.   Via The Sun: BARACK Obama was last night accused of voter blackmail by threatening to put Britain “at the back of the queue” for a trade deal if we Brexit.   The US president issued the extraordinary warning

16 Apr 2016

Sweden: ISIS Is Openly Recruiting At Employment Centers

What happened to you, Sweden? ISIS is openly recruiting in Malmo, Sweden. reported: Among job seekers at the Employment Service in Malmö, ISIS has openly tried to enlist Muslims to join the terrorist group.   There are indications that there were attempted recruitment for the terrorist organization, confirms Per

09 Apr 2016

North Korea Jamming Is Jamming GPS Devices… Throwing Pilots Off Course! (Full Report)

It was reported earlier this week that North Korea has been jamming GPS signals near its border. This is a much more serious issue than is being reported! Watch the latest video at Via FOX News: North Korea is jamming GPS devices in South Korea, affecting hundreds of passenger jets,

06 Apr 2016

Islamic State Nets Up To $200 Million A Year From Plundered Antiquities

Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq are netting between $150 million and $200 million per year from illicit trade in plundered antiquities, Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations said in a letter released on Wednesday. “Around 100,000 cultural objects of global importance, including 4,500 archaeological sites, nine of which